The great American adventure: Day 7

On a sunny day like today, I thought it was a great day to visit Greenwich Village, or “the Village” as they like to call it. My main reason for heading this direction, is the number of book shops you find here. More independent book shops than the rest of New York, unless I’m mistaken.

My first stop was the Strand, a huge book shop with lots and lots of books: New, used, old, rare… Pretty much “everything”. Actually, they have a whole floor dedicated to rare books, a floor separated from the others. There were even a couple of big, leather bound chairs on this floor, and books safely locked in, just to peek at. First editions, books for collectors…



In between all the book shops I made sure to rest. It really was a perfect day to buy some iced coffee, and sit down in the park to read…


I enjoyed the Village a lot. There were a lot of other things to see as well, like a public garden with small houses for the birds. I also visited Washington Square Park, which was full of life. There was even a guy playing the piano while some guys tap danced to his music. How he had managed to get his piano out there, I have no idea…


I ended my visit in the Village by having my dinner at Le Pain Quotidien, which also had very good coffee. After dinner, I headed back to the hotel, where I started to pack mu suitcase. Tomorrow I head west…

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8 Responses to The great American adventure: Day 7

  1. Syltegeek says:

    Og DER kicka min reiselyst inn for fullt. Bøker…

  2. anexpatinuk says:

    This sounds like a cool place and I have a distant memory that I have been there. Many years ago I lived in New Jersey for a year (as an aupair) and went in to NYC whenever I could. Anyway, love to find independent book shops when travelling. Sounds like a good day.

  3. astridterese says:

    Det er farlig å lese disse innleggene dine. Reiselysten stiger for hver gang, vel – utenom regndagen din da 😀

  4. Skyring says:

    I love the Strand! Cari – SKingList on BookCrossing – took me there once, and I went back again with my daughter in 2009. We are both confirmed Strandaholics and they had to put on a really big plne to get all the books we bought back to Australia!

    Enjoying your trip report. Thanks!

    • Elin says:

      It really is a lovely place! Not sure it’s enough to bring me back to New York, though… 😉

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