The great American adventure: Day 1

I’m sure we all have heard horror stories about American immigration, about how strict and unfriendly they are. Maybe I was just lucky, but the young man who had a look at my passport and looked me up in the system just asked a few simple questions, and when I told him I’m a librarian to his question “What do you do?” he told me he thought that was a very cool job, and there was also an “I adore you!”, while he scanned my finger prints.

I’m staying at the Newyorker Hotel, and my room is a small, cozy and nice room on the 25th floor. The view is wonderful:


I haven’t done much today. I’ve only done a bit of walking around, and am trying to fight the jet lag. It’s past bedtime in Norway, but not so here. I stumbled upon a comic book shop called Midtown Comics, that I enjoyed.

I bought some food stuff to eat in my room. I just thought was best today. I’ll see how long I can hold out before going to bed, and hopefully be fit for fight tomorrow.

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  1. Skyring says:

    There’s a cafe near Times Square called Bene cafe where the local BookCrossers have their meetings. The back room is FULL of books. Likely find a few from the Gothenburg convention there from when I stopped in last month!

    • Elin says:

      I thought there were no active bookcrossers here, as I had no reply to my post on the forum…

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